How to prepare

When you are preparing yourself for the ceremony, try to do this on all levels. Not just mentally and physically, but also emotionally & spiritually. We give you a list to consider. Keep in mind this is an invitation from us, for you to go deeper in your journey, it's not mandatory so don't worry if you can't commit to all of the listed suggestions.

• Do sports (any body practice)
• Eat clean (avoid animal products, caffeine, sugar)
• No sex (at least up to 3 days before the ceremony)
• Avoid drugs, smoking and alcohol
• Stay hydrated
• Think about what you would like to get out of this weekend (your facilitator will help you with this during your intro call)
• Set clear intentions for your journey and mentally prepare yourself for it
• Try not to have to many activities before your arrival (ideally none) 

✓ Comfortable clothing (+ extra layers in case you get cold/hot)
✓ Slippers & thick socks
✓ Towel (in case you want to shower)
✓ Warm Pyjama
✓ Journal + pen
✓ In case you wear make up, please bring your own pillow cover.

• Arrive on empty stomach (no food/drinks 3 hours before arrival)
• Respect each others space
• No sexual or aggressive behavior
• No use of phones

Please make sure you arrive on time. We are really looking forward to support you on your journey of exploration, healing & growth.