Sanae Orchi Casablanca Mosque

My name is Sanae Orchi and I help in becoming better versions of themselves. My passport says I’m Dutch, I was born in Holland with Moroccan roots.

My mission is to help others find love, strenght and inner light even in the darkest of places. Most of the time you’ll catch me speaking on spirituality, (African) yoga, mindset, healthy foods, psychedelics and human optimization but this is just a pinch of my big interests. I learned a lot about fear, mind control and self-identity in my career as News & TV Presenter. It also made me question more about life, the society we live in, religions and our body-mind-soul connections.

My journey has led me to practicing and studying both modern and ancient spiritual practices. I use these practices for personal development and (chakra) healing.
In my talks & workshops I am sharing my knowledge with others so they can experience self realisation and liberation for themselves. As a coach I bridge spiritual wisdom with earth foods, body postures, breathwork and meditations to help others elevate and release emotional/mental and physical blockages. 

On my channel I create (video) content to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I openly share the tools, wisdom and experiences that made a huge difference in the quality of my life. I genuinely hope this works for you too! If you need a more personal approach (or business inquirys) just CONTACT ME.